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Sandwich Rolls

All of these rolls are sold by the dozen and baked fresh daily. 


Kaiser Roll

• Regular 5” diameter or Medium 4” diameter unsliced
• Available plain or light poppy seeded
• Light fluffy roll with a flakey crust

Onion Kaiser

• Only available in medium size 4” diameter unsliced
• Coated with onion

Onion DIll Kaiser.jpg
hamburger roll.JPG

Hamburger Buns

• Regular 5” diameter or Small 4” diameter unsliced
• Available plain, coated with sesame seeds
• A gourmet upscale hearty roll

Hot Dog Buns

• 6” long unsliced
• Ideal for larger hot dogs and holds up well to toppings

Hot Dog Buns.jpg
Large Whole Wheat Roll.jpg

Large Whole Wheat Roll

• 4” diameter round roll
• A healthy alternative




• 4” by 4”  and 3'" by 6" long
• Made from our Ciabatta dough dusted with flour and ideal for Panini sandwiches

Mini Rosemary Focaccia

• Available in 4" by 4" square and 6" x 3" 

• An olive oil-based dough that comes with rosemary leaves throughout and lightly brushed with olive oil

Mini Focaccia.jpg


• 6” round coated with sesame seeds

• Hard crust

NE Potato roll.JPG

New England Potato Roll

• 6" long unsliced cluster

• Ideal for split top lobster rolls or hot dog rolls

Brioche Roll

• Regular 5" diameter or small 4" diameter

• Unsliced

• Egg base semi-sweet dough

Large brioche 1.JPG
Small Potato_edited.jpg

Potato Roll

• Regular 5" diameter or small 4" diameter

• Potato base dough

• Egg wash coated

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