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Specialty Breads

Featuring our Handmade and Hearth-Baked Artisan Breads. Baked fresh daily. 

French Bread.jpg

French Bread

• 28” hard crust baguette
• Also available in 18" 3-pack softshell
• Great for table service

Italian Bread

• Regular and large available, hard crust
• Can be ordered plain or coated with sesame seeds
• Regular feeds family of 4 and large feeds family of 8
• Also great for table service

Italian Bread.jpg
Neapolitan Round.jpg

Neopolitan Round

• Aged dough, airy and crusty
• Good for table service
• Can feed up to 5 people

Sicilian Round

• 12” Artisan Loaf coated with sesame seed
• Hand made and baked in our brick lined ovens

Sicilian Round.jpg
Bishop Caps.jpg

Bishop Caps

• Available in 6” bread bowl sold by individual piece
• Available plain or coated in sesame seeds


• Sheet 18 x 24 full sheets 1 1/2” thick
• Old world bread, lightly brushed with olive oil
• Available plain or topped with garlic, onion, poppy seed and sesame seed
• Also available with rosemary leaves throughout

Focaccia (1).jpg
Pizza Flat bread.JPG

Pizza Flat Bread

• 12" x 6" - 1/3" thick

• Par baked

• Ideal to add your favorite toppings and bake

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